Trombone Champ Version 1.28B comes to the Nintendo Switch™!

If you own Trombone Champ on the Nintendo Switch™, you should receive update v1.28B today. You can tell if the new update is applied if you see “1.28B” in the lower-left-hand corner of the title screen.

New Stuff

  • Three new songs: “Toccata and Fugue,” “The Four Seasons (Summer),” and “Trombone Champ Medley.” (Please note that the Medley only unlocks after beating the game’s storyline.)
  • Adjustments that may improve connectivity & stability with Joy-Con™ controllers (read more below).
  • Other optimizations, fixes, and improvements.

New Tracks

We really love all three of these new tracks! “Toccata and Fugue” instantly one of our favorites…”The Four Seasons” is fiendishly difficult… And the “Trombone Champ Medley,” which unlocks after beating the game, is a great reward for players who stuck with the storyline until the closing credits!

Joy-Con™ Improvements

We’ve made two key improvements that may improve connectivity & stability with Joy-Con™ controllers.

(Before we talk about Joy-Cons™, we should note that the game has always supported Pro Controllers! If you own a Pro Controller, and your goal is actually to get high scores rather than to goof around, the Pro Controller is your best bet! Overall, it seems to have the best gyroscope / tilt accuracy, connectivity, and smoothness.)

Firstly, we’ve added some code that adjusts when the IR sensor is activated and deactivated. If you play with a single right Joy-Con™ and have experienced issues where the cursor stutters during gameplay, this tweak *MAY* improve your experience. This change seems to make our experience slightly smoother, although it’s very difficult to measure how much better it is. Each controller seems to be slightly different depending on age, condition, battery levels, etc, so this is very difficult for us to test!

Secondly, we’ve added a new option that allows you to specify how the gyroscope handles drift. In the Controls menu, there’s a new “GYROSCOPE DRIFT MODE” option. If you experience lots of drift, try changing this to “tighter” and see if there’s a difference. If that makes it worse, try “looser.” In our experience, “tighter” seems to lead to slightly less drift, but it’s a subtle difference… We’re really curious to see whether or not this setting makes a significant difference for players!

We hope these tweaks make the game even better for our fans! Thank you for your patience, and happy tooting!

Forever in your service,

Holy Wow Studios