Trombone Champ Version 1.27A comes to the Nintendo Switch™!

If you own Trombone Champ on the Nintendo Switch™, you should receive update v1.27A today. You can tell if the new update is applied if you see “1.27A” in the lower-left-hand corner of the title screen.

Please note: we’re already aware of a bug that will probably prevent the leaderboards from these two new tracks from working correctly. We know how to fix this and hope to patch it ASAP! When the patch goes live, your scores should be able to submit normally.

New Stuff

  • Two new songs: “Korobeiniki” and “Hello! Ma Baby!”
  • New setting in Accessibility menu: “Just the Basics.” This setting is intended for people who want to set up the game in a public setting, an educational setting, etc. It unlocks the basic colors and sounds & hides most storyline content.
  • New “Streamer Mode” setting, which completely hides songs from the game that may be flagged in livestreams.
  • Various fixes to localized text.
  • Other optimizations and improvements.

Apologies this update took so long! For around a full month, we were swamped with bringing localization to the PC version. We hope to achieve a more regular update schedule now!

Thank you for your patience and happy tooting!

-Holy Wow