Trombone Champ Version 1.24A comes to the Nintendo Switch™!

If you own Trombone Champ on the Nintendo Switch™, you should receive update v1.24A today. You can tell if the new update is applied if you see “1.24A” in the lower-left-hand corner of the title screen.

As mentioned in our previous posts: apologies for the size of these updates! Unfortunately, due to the way we’ve released the game, it seems like every single update will be a ~200MB download, regardless of how little new content has been added in that patch. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience!

Here’s what’s new…

New Content

  • Korean language support has been added! Please note: if you’ve already launched the game and selected a language in the settings menu, you’ll need to select Korean manually. If you haven’t manually selected a language, the game should default to your Nintendo Switch™ system language.
  • Added two new tracks: the famous classical piece “Night on Bald Mountain” and the famous Korean folk song “Arirang.”
  • New control options: you can now tilt the Joy-Con left-to-right rather than up-and-down if you wish. It’s a really interesting way to control the game! Also, for the joystick option, you can now use the “absolute” position of the stick. It’s still extremely challenging, but with a Pro Controller it may be easier than the standard joystick option…


  • “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” level has been adjusted to make it more playable and intuitive.
  • Streamlined some control code – if you have issues with Joy-Con connectivity, please try turning off controller vibration and see if that helps.
  • Adjusted some in-game logic to match recent updates for PC. The scrolling position of the track should be slightly more accurate.
  • Performance optimizations for tracks that display lyrics.


  • Fixed an issue where the game would revert to English if the user had manually selected Simplified Chinese.

Next Update

  • More content!
  • More control options! In terms of control, we have something very cool we’re working on…
  • Additional bugfixes and improvements!