Trombone Champ Version 1.23A comes to the Nintendo Switch™!!!

If you own Trombone Champ on the Nintendo Switch™, you should receive update v1.23A today. You can tell if the new update is applied if you see “1.23A” in the lower-left-hand corner of the title screen.

As mentioned in our last post: apologies for the size of these updates! Unfortunately, due to the way we’ve released the game, it seems like every single update will be a ~200MB download, regardless of how little new content has been added in that patch. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience!

Anyways, here’s what’s new…

New Content

  • Added two new tracks: the famous American folk song “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain,” and the famous Chinese folk song “Jasmine Flower (Mo Li Hua).”
  • To go along with Mo Li Hua, we’ve added support for Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese! Please note: if you’ve already launched the game and selected a language in the settings menu, you’ll need to switch languages manually. If you haven’t manually selected a language, the game should default to whatever your Nintendo Switch™’s system language.
  • You can now “engoldenate” cards if you have 15 or more copies of them! This was the last real chunk of functionality in the PC version that was missing from the Nintendo Switch™ version. Please note that the engoldenation functionality on Nintendo Switch™ is slightly different from the functionality on PC and Mac… you don’t need to beat the game to engoldenate cards, the values of cards have been tweaked, and a few other things have changed very slightly.
  • More funny facts added to the loading screens. Here’s another funny fact… there have always been 25 songs in the code, but due to a minor bug, the game would loop back to the first fact after #14.


  • Adjusted some in-game logic to match recent updates for PC. Mainly, slides are now slightly more forgiving in terms of point values.


  • Fixed an issue where changing control types during gameplay could lead to some slightly weird behavior of the menu.
  • Scattered tiny fixes to localized language in French, Japanese, and other languages.
  • Fixes for minor issues that could arise with settings when switching between save slots.
  • More tiny fixes and optimizations.

Next Update

  • More content, which is currently a secret, but you can probably guess based on these last few updates.
  • Adjustments to the “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” track. On PC & Mac, we’ve made the track slightly more forgiving and adjusted the audio. Those changes should make it more fun to play, and more obvious what rhythms you should be playing.
  • More control options, settings, and fixes.
  • Additional bugfixes and improvements!