Version 1.22A comes to the Nintendo Switch™!!!

If you own Trombone Champ on the Nintendo Switch™, you should receive update v1.22A today. You can tell if the new update is applied if you see “1.22A” in the lower-left-hand corner of the title screen.

Firstly: apologies for the size of these updates! Unfortunately, due to the way we’ve released the game, it seems like every single update will be around 200MB. This is mostly due to localization! Even though these updates don’t add 200MB worth of new content, localization affects nearly every part of the game. Therefore, these patches need to replace all of those parts. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience!

Anyways, here’s what’s new…

New Content

  • Added two new tracks: “House of the Rising Sun” and “Hino Nacional Brasiliero!”
  • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese! If you’ve manually selected a language in the settings menu, you’ll need to change to Portuguese manually. Otherwise, the game should automatically open in Brazilian Portuguese if that’s what your Nintendo Switch™ is using.
  • If you’ve beaten the game, you should now see the Trombone Workshop, which lets you customize your trombone, in the character select screen.


  • Added the ability to adjust smoothing for every control type. You may find the experience a bit smoother with some smoothing! We’re planning to add even more control options and improvements in future updates.


  • Cards should now display with the correct holographic border.
  • Characters should now appear in Free Improvisation mode.
  • The transition from the closing credits to the homescreen should display as intended.
  • Other very minor tweaks and bugfixes, mostly aimed at preventing janky animations if users mash buttons as quickly as possible.

Next Update

We’re already working on our next update! This should hopefully feature:

  • More control settings.
  • Ability to “engoldenate” cards. Once this is patched in, the Nintendo Switch™ version will contain 100% of the content from the PC & Mac versions.
  • New content, which is currently a secret.
  • Additional bugfixes and improvements!