Trombone Champ: Our Next Steps for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac

Trombone Champ has officially launched on Nintendo Switch!

We’re extremely happy with the release version, but of course, there’s still a lot of work we’d like to do.

The Nintendo Switch version is nearly identical to the versions available on PC and Mac through Steam. However, in order to have the game completely ready for the Nintendo Direct where it was announced (view that here), we had to “lock it down” a few months ago. Because of this, it’s sliiiightly behind the PC version in terms of updates.

Here’s our current game plan for the game on Nintendo Switch & Steam:

Our Post-Launch Plan for Nintendo Switch:

  • Bugfixes & Optimization. Between our own testing, testing done by Nintendo, and and a ton of QA done by folks at PlayEveryWare, the game has been tested pretty thoroughly. Regardless, we’re sure people will discover some bugs, because they always do. We’ll be watching the internet to see what needs fixing ASAP!
  • Continued Localization. Before end of year, we hope to push an update that adds Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean. We already have all of the copy in the game translated and ready to go for Simplified Chinese, and we’d originally planned to include Simplified Chinese as an option at launch. However, we had to wait on the Simplified Chinese launch until Traditional Chinese was also ready to go.
  • Adding content from the PC version that’s missing in the Nintendo Switch version. This means adding two tracks recently added to the PC version (“Barber of Seville” and “Down by the Riverside”), the ability to “engoldenate” cards, and the Trombone Customizer that allows players to create customized trombones. We’d also like to push some of the recent QoL improvements from the PC version to the Switch, such as the ability to set track volume and the improved “missed the gap” logic.
  • More Settings. We’d like to add some more settings, particularly surrounding control modes. We have some fun ideas for alternate rumble modes that we’d like to try implementing.
  • Achievements. We’d like to add a customized Achievements page that mimics the achievements players can earn on PC and Mac.
  • New Content. We plan to continue to add songs and new content to the PC version, and all of that stuff will also come to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to update all platforms concurrently. Nintendo Switch updates will probably release 1-2 weeks after PC updates. Apologies!

Our Continued Plans for PC & Mac

  • Adding localization. Implementing localization on Nintendo Switch was an amazing learning experience. Now that we’ve gotten it figured out, we can begin to localize the PC version. The process is fairly straightforward except for track metadata and trading cards.
  • New Content. Any new songs and content released from this point forward should come to PCs, Macs, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Local Multiplayer is unknown. Since the PC version is totally reliant on mouse control, it’s not really clear how local multiplayer could possibly function on PC. It would only be useable with a combination of mice & gamepads that have gyro sensors, which excludes most gamepads. We’ll continue to look into this, but we wouldn’t be surprised if local multiplayer functionality remains exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The above stuff should keep us busy through end of year, and then who knows what’s next?… Keep an eye on this blog, and also be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, etc, to follow what we’re working on!