Dig Dig Bit Fury now playable on this site

Hi everybody. Previously, because we have no idea how to manage ourselves, our games are scattered all over the place. However, we’re working to get them all together in one place! Dig Dig Bit Fury is now playable on this site. It’s kind of like Terraria meets Pac-Man – you dig for coins, bring them up to the surface, and simply survive as long as you can. Each day, you have to bring more coins to the surface. I like it a lot, although it got dramatically less attention than our Icarus Proudbottom titles. To try it out, click here or use the link in the left nav.


Completely Insane Man Names Our Typing Thing Game Of The Year

Ben Serviss, who writes at Dashjump, is a member of New York City-based Studio Mercato, and is completely insane, wrote a very nice article about Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing and game of the year awards in general. Let us Praise this insane man and  his Crazy Opinions.

Studio Mercato is working on Crystal Brawl, which looks insanely sweet and is currently touring around the northeast in an arcade cabinet.